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Camping at Alaska
Aialik Glaicer
Kayaking Tour
Camping Tour
Kayaking in Aialik Bay

"2023 Women Multi Day Kayak Camping Adventures"

Aialik Bay & Northwestern Glacier Multi-day Kayak Camping Trips 

 Fully Guided and Outfitted 

Women only Kayak Camping Trips are specialized small group trips limited to 8 women or less per guided our multi-day trips unless a group requests a larger capacity. We don't base camp unless conditions prevent us from moving or we have been asked to do that option. Our 2 night 1 night option will normally camp at Abra Cove or  Holgate depending on weather and wind and and the other kayaking companies camping locations that share the same beaches. These trips are designed to be stress free, adventurous, and fun as you make new friends or perhaps put your own group of friends together and reconnect for a ladies multi day adventure trip. Its up to you, our female guides are stoked to be providing these trips and share our beautiful waters with you!

About Pricing: We will adjust the price as others join the trip, should we book 2 and 1 other books afterward we will adjust the price to the 3 person price - if an additional person or more books this trip in addition to the 3 persons we will adjust everyone to the 4 or more price thus bringing down the cost per person. This is how we roll!


Our Multi day trips are adventures, not a tour!

If you choose to camp and kayak with large groups and base camp these trips are not for you!

These trips will be offered limited dates May - August and will be limited to 8 persons

unless a single group would book a group larger than 8 persons up to 12 persons,

we would make that larger group a private trip for that single group.

Each trip plan is based off of the overall experience and expectations of the group. Our mutli-day trips are set up to paddle from camping beach to camping beach and explore the fjord thus providing much more opportunity to learn and experience what the Kenai Fjords National Park has to offer. 


We supply what you need including, boots, poggies for your hands comfort, 4 season tents, and more. No need to rent sleeping bags pads for our fully guided trips! Others often do! We do supply Fully Guided and Outfitted trips with sleeping bags and pads.

Aialik Bay offers one of the most exciting wildlife and glacier viewing kayaking and wilderness camping opportunities that you can do while visiting this part of Alaska. Located in the heart of our Kenai Fjords National Park and home to some very impressive glaciers, wildlife and abundant sea life we feel that you will be inspired as well as enlightened. 

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