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Adventure Sixty North Love Whales & and a good Deal too! Grey Whale Packages!!

Each year we await the returning whales to Seward. We have many types that call the Gulf Of Alaska home during the summer. Some are here all year, some are here for just a brief visit, and then we have some that just like to call our area home for the summer. Entertaining us as they show up to eat in our food rich waters that they require to become the massive mammals that they are. Most people do not know why whales are classified as mammals, so here it is.....whales give live births, they have lungs and breath, and have fur (not easy to find) but yes....Grey Whales are big!

Our Grey whales return early spring in great numbers as they pass Seward, Alaska in the Gulf of Alaska on their way to the Bearing Sea for summer feeding. We will be offering a Grey Whale Viewing Package that will include Lodging, Sea Kayaking, Grey Whale Tours, and more. These packages will make for great multi-activity fun filled adventures and will also save some money too! Its a win win way to experience Seward, Alaska early season. Coming Soon, we will promote these on our website under the listing of


We hope to see you Spring 2018 here in Seward, Alaska for a Whale of a good time! We often see more than just the Grey Whales, we also can see our local residents such as Humpbacks, Orca, Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, and even some of our land based mammals... Mountain Goats, Bears, and more!!!!! The scenery is also over the top!

Join Adventure Sixty North and our partner companies this spring for your all encompassing Alaskan visit.

One of our Humback Whales showing off in Seward, Alaska

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