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Hiking Trail Kenai Fjords National Park at Exit Glacier
Full Day Icefield Overlook at Exit Glacier In the Kenai Fjords National Park
Group hikes at Exit Glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park near Seward, Alaska
Exit Glacier hiking tour
Resurrection River flowing from Exit Glacier
Adventure Sixty North Shuttle Van at Exit Glacier

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Exit Glacier
Nature hike
with guide!

Exit Glacier Nature Hikes

with a Guide!

Rated: Easy to Moderate

May 27 thru Sept 15

Hike  approx. 2hrs

Price: $40 ea. + tax

2 person minimum

Solos can join existing

 scheduled hikes

Early Bird Special
$32 ea + tax
use Promo code

Minimum Age:

10 years old

Check-in : Times





Exit Glacier

Shuttle Only

May18 thru Sept 15

For the independent traveler that does their own thing!


Exit Glacier Nature Center

Shuttle option only!


Pick up/drop off to and  from our local Seward Hotels and Lodges, Campgrounds, and B&Bs with reservations!


Reserve your seat online

    Seward        Exit Glacier

  Departures -    Returning

      8am                8:30am

    10am             10:30am

    12pm             12:30pm

      2pm               2:30pm

      4pm               4:30pm

      6pm               6:30pm

Call for Group rates

for groups larger than 10

Minimum Age 6 yrs

6:30 pm is last shuttle returning to Seward

each day!

Exit Glacier




gold Pan

May 11 thru Sept 15






$ 70 ea. + 3%Tax

Early Bird Special
$58 ea + tax
use Promo code

Combo Schedule 

Exit Hike    -    Gold Panning

      8am    -      10:30am   

  12pm   -       2:30pm

    2pm     -       4:30pm


closed July 4

What's Included

with Hike?

  • Shuttle to Glacier

  • Snacks

  • Trekking pole/s

  • Interpretive guide with satellite phone and 1st aid supplies

  • Pick up/drop off to and  from our local Seward Hotels, Lodges, Campgrounds with reservation!

  • Great Scenery!

What should I bring?

  • Layer up!

  • Water-resistant/ water proof shoes & warm socks

  • ​Active Wear made of synthetic & water-wicking materials​

  • Fleece Jacket or windbreaker depending on temps.

  • Rain Jacket & Pants if you have your own if not we rent!

  • Please, no cotton or denim if possible!

  • Your Camera!

  • Binocular

  • Fanny Pack for your personal items

exit Glacier nature hike


This 2.5 hr. hiking adventure is great for, viewing a glacier without getting on the ice, families, groups, or adventurers with limited time to experience the beauty of a glacier in Seward, Alaska.   These trips are offered morning and afternoon. Masks are required for the shuttle transportation and the hike shuttle by everyone!

Federal regulations, CDC, Local and State rules and regulations apply! Drivers will take temp before boarding the shuttle and those with fever will not be permitted to board. Safety First!


This trip departs from Adventure Sixty North at the north end of Seward.  We will shuttle you from and to your local B&B, local campground and local Hotels at no cost! 

We will head to Exit Glacier to begin your hike with knowledgeable guides. As we drive out to the glacier, we will stop at the pull out for a great view of Exit Glacier, a definite photo moment!

Our shuttle van will also stop at the Kenai Fjords National Park welcome sign for a photo opportunity!

The visitor center stop is a favorite of our guests and after that brief stop we are all about the hike to the overlook where you will be looking down onto the toe of the Exit Glacier. 


This hiking experience goes rain or shine, there can be a definite change in temperature as you get close to the glacier with breezes blowing down from the Ice Field. We recommend that you take a extra layer if you typically are cold natured. The hiking trail is a partially black toped trail that turns in to a undeveloped hiking trail which can be slippery and challenging to people that are not used to hiking nature trails. At points you will hike on gravel, rock and encounter narrow beam bridge crossing a small drainage.

If you consider yourself unstable with walking on a undeveloped trail as described, we recommend that you not participate with this hike for your safety! But, you are welcome to go out to the visitor center and do some sightseeing on the walkway that meanders around the visitor

center and the out flow plain where viewing sites are located as a shuttle passenger only and we charge $23.60 ea. for that option.

A signed assumption of risk and acknowledgement of risks is required for anyone to participate!


exit Glacier Shuttle


The shuttle to the Kenai Fjords National Park includes pickup and drop off at the national park visitor center at Exit Glacier.

Shuttles will pick up in Seward area 15-20 min. before the departure time to leave Adventure Sixty Norths office location and head out to the park.

Returning Shuttles will leave Exit Glacier 45 min. later bringing riders back to Seward. Guests may choose their own returning time up to 6:30pm when the last shuttle returns for the day.

Shuttles may be buses, vans or mini van depending on the number of guests.

Shuttle is a round trip purchase!

exit Glacier nature hike




This 2.5 hr. Exit Glacier nature hike and the Gold Panning at Clear Creek panning area located on Adventure Sixty North property is great for, viewing a glacier without getting on the ice and combining a bit of Alaskan history by learning how to find gold in a gold pan the Alaskan way! We will hike with you and provide a bit of glacier knowledge and local interpretive information as we hike to the toe overlook of Exit Glacier. The Gold panning demonstration and panning adventure will happen at our Clear Creek panning site on our property using our rustic water troughs, and our tarp covered log structure for protection from wind and rain. Everyone finds gold and other semi precious stones, we don't know how much you will find, but we do guarantee that you will at least find flakes of the precious mineral that is included with our pay dirt.

You keep what you find, we supply the pans, local information, a bit of history mixed with a bit of geology, humor, instruction, and glass  vials for your gold specimens and a container for your semi precious stones. Garnets, Fluorite, Quartz, Red Jasper, and many others.

More information for Gold Panning