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Rent Camping Gear In Alaska

We Have the Place to Rent Camping Gear in Alaska

Adventure Sixty North is the place to rent camping gear in Alaska. We have everything a person needs to make it through the overnight stays underneath the stars. We rent out VHF Marine Handheld Radios and satellite phones with an extra battery and waterproof cases in the safety areas. These rentals may save a life or keep a person safe if the issue arises where someone gets hurt or lost. Inside the heavily wooded areas or near the glaciers, objects may begin to look the same, and if a person does not know their way around, they will get lost. These radios and phones will keep the line of communication open. We also rent out two and four-person tents with sleeping pads and bags. Other items we have available are raincoats, water filters, snowshoes, and poles. Other miscellaneous items are available upon requests. All the customer has to do is ask us.

Glacier visiting in Alaska are a sight for everyone to enjoy. Most of these are along the waterways where kayaking is made famous. There are some spots where a person may decide to set camp and have the best view of glacier visiting in Alaska. It is an image that will imprint in a person's mind forever. Everything reflects off the crystal blue waters, and if the right spot is picked, there may be an excellent view at night of the Northern Lights, which also reflects off the water. Camping has never been as fun as it is in Alaska, where family and friends can get together and make the best memories of their lives. Bear Glacier is a hotspot where people flock to for the best views of glacier visiting in Alaska. We have a saying here at Adventure Sixty North, "Adventures are our passion, not just a job!"

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