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Multi Day Northwestern Glacier Kayak Camping

Where people are few and scenery overwhelms!

Explore the Fjords!


Located in a remote part of the Kenai Fjords National Park, Northwestern Fjord offers pristine, world class sea kayaking and camping that has unmatched beauty with its many glaciers and protected waters. This area of the park is the less visited and less traveled area since it is located further west than the Aialik Glacier area. 

Experience protected Harbor Seal habitats, cascading water falls, glacier carved islands, glaciers of all types, and seclusion that only an adventure in Northwestern Fjord can provide!

Fully Guided and Outfitted & Guided Rental Options for multi-day trips available.

We offer

3 Day 2 night trips

4 Day 3 night trips

Please see pricing details below.


Northwestern Glacier Kayaking Trip

             Fully Guided Options and Guide Assisted Options 

These trips require 4 persons min. to meet water company requirements to travel to Northwestern due to the extra distance and costs to operated to and from Northwestern.  If less than 4 persons book for this trip the trip would require that we charge for the water taxi fee additionally to meet that requirement. Call or email for more information!


Northwestern Fully Guided Options

Rated Moderate 

Trip Length - Please see below

Check in Time - 7:10 am day of trip

June 2 thru August 27

Minimum Age : 14 yrs.

Early Bird Special! Limited Time Only!

$100 Off listed price - Early Bird Special!  Book early, these trips book up early!

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Trip Description:

We start this trip at our office with a meeting appx. 1 hr before departure time for paperwork and packing gear. Normally a meeting is scheduled the afternoon or evening prior to departure to meet your guide and address any questions or issues before departing in the morning. We load up and head to the water taxi that leaves at approximately 8:00 am, unless otherwise noted. Your water taxi will take you south towards the Gulf of Alaska following the Kenai Fjords coast. On the water taxi there will be plenty of opportunity to sight see and look for whales, Orcas and other wildlife. The water taxi ride will take 2-3 hours to get to the beach drop off. Overnight camp is set up where we prepare your gear and kayaks for personal comfort. Next we go over some basic kayaking instruction, park regulations, safety tips and determine group priorities and expectations. Depending on conditions and group dynamics you may take an afternoon paddle to get comfortable with the gear and kayaks. From here on out - the Fjord is our oyster! 

Your itinerary is flexible; we will discuss options and offer suggestions after meeting and determining your expectations (taking in to consideration current/expected weather conditions that we will have during the trip). Rain is, and can be, a part of any trip in Alaska and we ask that you come prepared to paddle in challenging conditions if they arise. Please be sure that your clothing and rain wear is good quality.

We also suggest that you consider trip insurance in case of weather and marine warnings force a trip to be canceled or terminated early. 



We provide rubber boots, and gloves to all of our guests. We will provide transportation from your Seward area lodging. We will store your luggage, if needed, for no additional charge. 

Food, hot drinks, snacks, water taxi transports, pre-trip meeting, guide/s with first aid kit, satellite phone, marine radio, charts, camping gear including (tents, cooking & eating gear) sleeping bags with liners, pad, kayaks, kayaking gear, dry bags, poggies, boots, and more! Please call for more details.

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Guide Assisted Options for those just needing a guide & kayaking gear. 

Trip Description: Northwestern Guide Assisted Options

June 2 thru August 27

If you are experienced with back country camping and have your own outdoor gear, including tent, pad, sleeping bag, rain boots, rain gear, cooking gear and food - water and need a guide to assist you with local knowledge, interpretation, and safety this option might be for you. We normally do not base camp on our trips and as part of the trip and you will be required to follow the paddle plan that is determined at your Mandatory  pre trip meeting the day prior to departure at 7pm. recommended (4 season tent , synthetic non cotton clothing, water bladder - filter, small back pack stove, 0 deg sleeping bag (synthetic & stuff-able in a water proof sack, ground pad (to roll up to minimal size), dry bags 10 liter size, and great rain gear. 

Space for packing your gear is very limited in your kayak, pack light,

oversize items just will not allow for all of your gear to fit inside your kayak.

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