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Bear Glacier Overnight Camping Adventure

  Helicopter Flight - Kayaking - Hiking - Camping

Where the Icebergs are!

Trips that we can add to for Bear Glacier Kayaking Multiday and Overnights!

  • These trips are generally open most dates!

  • Flexible departure and returning times available most dates, popular with people wanting to do their own schedule that our other multiday trips do not permit.

Aialik Bay Glacier Multi-day Kayak Camping Trips

 Multi-day Kayak Camping Trips Are Family Friendly! 

Aialik Multi-Day Kayak Camping Trips are specialized small group trips limited to 6 persons or less per guided our multi-day trips unless a group requests a larger capacity. Each trip plan is based off of the overall experience and expectations of the group. Our mutli-day trips are set up to paddle from camping beach to camping beach and explore the fjord thus providing much more opportunity to learn and experience what the Kenai Fjords National Park has to offer. We sometimes do have families that choose to stay in the National Park Cabins that are located in the Aialik Bay area and experience the wilderness area in a basic cabin. These cabins are few and book up early, so should you decide to do this option you must book the cabin yourself because commercial operators are forbidden to book the cabins for commercial use.

These trips are great family adventures! Ask about group rates!

Trips that we can add to for Aialik Bay Glacier Kayaking Multiday!

Multi Day Northwestern Glacier Kayak Camping

Where people are few and scenery overwhelms!


Located in a remote part of the Kenai Fjords National Park, Northwestern Fjord offers pristine, world class sea kayaking and camping that has unmatched beauty with its many glaciers and protected waters. This area of the park is the less visited and less traveled area since it is located further west than the Aialik Glacier area. 

Experience protected Harbor Seal habitats, cascading water falls, glacier carved islands, glaciers of all types, and seclusion that only an adventure in Northwestern Fjord can provide!

Trips that we can add to for Northwestern Fjord Glacier Kayaking Multiday!

  • We have a group of 2 now scheduled for Aialilk but would prefer to do Northwestern if we can add to the trip (3day 2night) call or email for information!