Multi Day Kayaking Camping Trip

The Greatest Adventures Can Be a Multiday Kayaking Camping Trip

The ultimate getaway has always been the great outdoors. There are so many things to do in Alaska; there is no way to get it all in one day. A multi day kayaking camping trip is the answer to solve this problem, and the only issue after that is the parties may not want to go back home. Once this feeling is tasted in Alaska, especially in the springtime with all the beautiful sites to see, it stays in a person's mind and heart forever. Some may relive the days spent here in their dreams because there is so much to soak in. The weather is almost always beautiful in Alaska during the springtime, and it could wrap a person up in a warm feeling. Over the timeframe of a multi day trip, there is kayaking, camping, hiking, fishing, gold panning, and other things that are fun to do. Seriously, no one wants to go back to regular life after experiencing this.

Bridal Veil Falls is one of the locations where kayaking is available for up to a five-hour paddle. It adds an extension to Resurrection Bay kayaking to make it a full day for anyone interested. It is the choice of those taking the trip if they want only half a day at Bridal Veil Falls. Those who wish to continue from there can go onto Tonisa Point and other places, making it a multiday trip. Arriving at Bridal Veil Falls, there is a short hiking trip on foot to the bottom of the waterfall. There is plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings and have a hot drink along with a snack. People are amazed when they see the salmon fighting their way upstream as they eat their lunch. Full day's consist of the starting point at Lowell Point to Tonsina Point, to Bridal Veil Falls, back to Lowell Point.