Planning Your Adventure!


We have put together some information that might help you plan for your trip to the Kenai Fjords National Park and the Seward Area. Our information is more focused on kayaking destinations in the park and where water taxis drop off and pick up, along with a approximate distance calculation from beach to beach. Most of the beaches have food storage boxes to keep food from bears. This is a helpful tool for our self guided adventurers kayaking in Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska and also the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Information is informational only and not to be used for navigation. Distances are approximate only and conditions can change at any time, and skill levels are subjective. Always use a proper chart for areas that you are exploring.

 Always have appropriate safety gear when exploring this remote area.

Resurrection Bay Information

From Lowell Point one way!

  • Tonsina Point  1.5mi S

  • Bridal Veil Falls 2.25 S

  • Calisto Cabin 3.5mi S

  • Derby Cabin   4.5mi S

  • Caines Head / Dock 5mi S

  • Bulldog Cove 17.5 mi south SW

  • Bear Glacier (mouth of river) 15.mi

  • Fox Island (Sand Point spit) 11mi S

  • Thumb Cove (X@Caines head) 9mi S

  • Kayakers Cove X@Caines head) 12mi S

From 4th of July Creek one way!

  • Fox Island 11mi S

  • Thumb Cove 8mi SE

  • Humpy Cove 10mi SE

  • Kayakers Cove 12mi SE

From kayak drop off beach near Slate Island in Aialik Bayone way!

  • Aialik Glacier   2.5mi N

  • Aialik Cabin 3.5mi E

  • Aialik Ranger Station 6mi E

  • Abra Cove 3mi E

  • Pedersen Lagoon (entrance) 2.25mi S

  • Holgate -camp beach & cabin 11mi S

  • Holgate - glacier 13mi SW

From camp beach & cabin Holgate

one way!

  • Quick Sand Cove 4.5mi S

  • Mc Mullen Cove 6.5mi S

  • Verdent Cove 10.5mi S

  • Bear Cove 7mi SE

  • Coleman Cove 7mi NE

  • 3 Hole Pt. 7mi SE

Kenai Fjords National Park Information

From kayak dropoff beach 

Northwestern Lagoon - near moraine one way!

  • Otter Cove 2.5mi W

  • Sunlight Glacier  5mi NW

  • Southwestern Glacier 8.5mi NW

  • Anchor Glacier 10.5mi NW

  • Erratic Island 6.5mi NW

  • Striation Island 7.5mi NW

  • Ogive Glacier 11.mi NW

  • Northeastern Glacier 7.5mi NW

  • Redstone Glacier 10.25mi NW

  • Northwestern Glacier 11.75mi NW

  • Taz Basin 8mi SE

  • Aligo Pt. 12mi SE

From Aligo Pt. to Verdent Cove in Aialik Bay 1 way!

  • Verdent Cove 7mi.N

  • McMullen Cover 12mi N 


Always be prepared for challenging and life threatening conditions such as weather and waves when doing any kayaking or hiking adventure in remote wilderness environments. Remember! Maps, VHF marine hand held radios, Satellite Phone, adequate gear, appropriate outer wear, leave a trip plan, do not exceed your skill and training level, be confident with your self rescue skills, and plan reasonable goals and plan for extra time if weather conditions downgrade. Always let trusted friends or family know your plan and set up a overdue response in case of problems.

Always seek local knowledge from others familiar with the destination you are kayaking to before departing.

Know Before YOU Go!