Kayaking in Alaska

Adventure Sixty North Has Guided Kayaking Tours in Alaska

Anyone interested in kayaking in Alaska can join us at Adventure Sixty North for half a day or a full day of fun on the water. We are gearing up for our next year's adventure seekers who love kayaking and enjoying the beautiful sights on Bear Lake with the mountains and glaciers. Kayaking in Alaska has never been this fun as it is now, and we are booking for spring and winter trips. The half day kayaking has places like Bear Lake, Resurrection Bay, Tonsina Point, Bridal Veil, and Bear Glacier. The full-day kayaking has Bear Glacier, the full day package, Aialik Glacier, Aialik versus Bear Glacier. There are other places to explore for those interested in multi day kayaking in Alaska like Bear Glacier overnight, Resurrection Bay overnight, Aialik Glacier multi day, and Northwestern Fjord multi day. All of these packages are by far the best time a person will ever spend anywhere else.

Adventure Sixty North has guided kayaking tours in Alaska for those interested in showing them around the area and telling stories about the beautiful scenery. Those who live in the area may know their way around and the descriptions of these different scenes, but it is safer for those unfamiliar with the area to have a guided tour. It is not a place anyone would want to get lost or take a wrong turn. Whether our customers choose the guided tour or not, we have satellite phones and VHF radios for all adventures available for rent. It is in the best interest of everyone's safety to look into renting these because not everyone's cell phones will work in certain areas. These are items that can assist our customers in keeping preparedness at the top of the list. There are other equipment items we have available for rent that will fit everyone's stay, whether half a day, a full day and overnighters.