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10 am

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4:30 pm

or by appointment

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Early Birds Special:

$25 ea. + tax

Price: $30 ea. + tax

Gold Panning Description

We will teach you the ropes with a gold panning demonstration in our elevated troughs by our rustic gift shop. Personalized how-to demonstrations will have you panning like a pro, while providing some local humor and history along the way.

Where pan for gold:

The canvas-covered log framed structure where we pan for gold is located just across from our walking bridge, between our office and the gift shop. Depending on the salmon run, we can often spy salmon in the creek. The covered troughs allow us to stay dry while panning, which makes this the perfect activity, rain or shine!

We pan in elevated wooden troughs with proven pay dirt so there is a possibility of everyone taking home their very own Alaskan Gold and gems!

Find more than gold:

Learn how to pan, searching for gold and semi-precious stones that we also find around Alaska. Some treasures can include, Red Jasper, Hemalyke, Fluorite, Quartz, Amethyst, Red Agate, Tourmaline, and Garnet.

Find us:

 ​ We are located on the entrance road to Exit Glacier at the Kenai Fjords National Park.

RV & Bus Parking in the back



Trip Time:

11 am


Adults & 13 yrs and older - $59 ea. + tax

12 and under - $39 ea + tax

3 and under - Free

Pick up Locations*:

Hotel Seward

Best Western

Breeze Inn

Harbor 360

Chamber of Commerce

Seward Military Resort

Nauti Otter

Seward Windsong Lodge

Exit Glacier Lodge

Seward Waterfront Campground

*By reservation only.

Gold PaN AND eXIT sHUTTLE COMBO Description

Take our shuttle out to Exit Glacier Visitor Center. After exploring the park on your own, come back to our shop for gold panning. 


You can meet at our shop, or we can pick you up in from several locations in town. The total time for this trip is approximately 3-4 hours. Time will vary based on how many folks we pick up and our existing logistics schedule.


This is a great trip to fill the time before you can check into your hotel or lodging!

The shuttle will drop you off at the Exit Glacier Visitor Center for a self guided walk. You will have 1.5 hours to explore the area. Please note, this trip does not get on the ice and is not long enough to hike Harding Icefield trail. This is great for those that want to hike the lower trails.

After Exit Glacier we pick you up and bring you back to our covered gold panning troughs and gift shop. Watch a demonstration and then pan for gold near our salmon stream. We pan in elevated troughs and use proven paydirt so there is a possibility of everyone finding a little piece of Alaskan gold. Additional bags of paydirt are available for purchase. Gold panning usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.

Then we will shuttle you back to your pick up location!



31872 Herman Leirer Rd.

Seward, Alaska 99664

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