Fishing Trips In Alaska 

Fun and Exciting Fishing Trips In Alaska!

With the waterways on our half-day trips, full-day trips, and multi day trips, fishing trips in Alaska have all the spots to enjoy fishing. Fishing trips in Alaska is another pastime that people love about the water. When a camping spot is found, fishing is usually the first thing the guests do once everything is set up. There are many places to choose from where to fish, and there are plenty of wide-open spaces where people can find privacy and isolation to enjoy their fishing trips in Alaska. Our guide Wes is available to bring you to all the hotspots for fishing where the fish are continually biting. Most find catching the Red Sockeye Salmon on their main course when they set up the grills or cook off the campfires. All a person needs to bring are their warm clothes, fishing licenses, and cameras.

Adventure Sixty North has places to rent fishing gear in Alaska if they want to spend time near the waters fishing. We have a guide, fishing pole, hooks, and hip waders available for rent. Our fishing poles rent out for a 24 hour minimal rental for $25 a day. There are also trekking poles, which rent for $12 per day. All of our fishing items for rent are by a call to reserve order. If a guide is needed, we welcome walk-ins. Hip waders are required when fishing along the coastlines. All those who come to fish need to remember; we do not sell fishing licenses, so they need to get them at fishing shops, or our website has a link to the Alaska government page.