8 Day Expedition Trip

You're the type of person who likes to explore on vacation. You like a challenge and believe the best memories are made in the wilderness. You've been kayaking the same routes for years and you're looking to kick it up a notch. If the ultimate Alaskan kayaking experience appeals to you, our Expedition trip is the trip for you. Adventure Sixty North offers this 8-day expedition style kayaking trip with the goal to kayak from Aialik Bay to Northwestern Fjord. This trip is not recommended for the beginner kayak paddler and was created for adventurous folks that understand that this type of trip can have challenges. Still interested? Keep reading for an example itinerary. All of our itineraries are subject to change at any point prior to, or on your trip based on weather, safety, or any other foreseeable reason based on the guide's judgments. This trip includes all food, camping gear, paddle gear and tandem fiberglass boats. If you would like to use your own camping gear, or have dietary restrictions, please discuss this with your guide before the trip!

$3050.00 ea. + 3% TAX  for 2 person trip.

$2750.00 ea. + 3% TAX  for 3 person trip.

$2450.00 ea. + 3% TAX  for 4 person trip or more.

price can and will change if others join if you have less than 4 person in your party. For instance if you book 2 people and another group of 2 people join this adventure, we would then charge you the 4 person rate per person. If you choose to book the trip as a private trip, please call for the rate. 

Example Itinerary:

Day 1 Pre-Trip Meeting & Pack Up Day / with Lunch

Please plan on your own breakfast, dinner, and lodging for day 1 in Seward and we will provide lunch.

Pre-trip and pack day meetings are mandatory and scheduled a day in advance of any expedition trip. Meet and greet your guide through participating and discussing personal goals, past experiences, individual priorities and determine an agreeable trip plan based on this information. At these meetings we look at the weather forecasts, predictions and discuss trip options to finalize a float plan, and go over gear packing and general prep. Please bring everything you plan to bring on the trip with you to the meeting. 

All members participating in the paddle will be asked to participate with camp chores and meal prep as part of the expedition experience. In other words, this will not be a completely catered experience where your guide/guides do it all.

As stated before these trips can be somewhat flexible to try and permit some of the priorities and expectations that were expressed at the pre trip meeting be met if at all possible.

Day 2 Departure Day 

Arrive at our shop at 7 am with all pre-packed personal gear, in provided dry bags. If you need a pick up, we will arrange a time and place to pick you up. We will meet the water taxi by 7:45 am for our 8 am departure to Aialik Bay, in the heart of the Kenai Fjords National Park. We will be viewing wildlife and sea life as we travel to the designated drop off beach. The water taxi will also have other trips including day trips and multi day trips also on board. Our water taxi will most likely drop off these other trips first then drop off our expedition trip at another destination in Aialik Bay to start the trip and begin your expedition. Most trips include Pederson Lagoon where we will find beautiful ice bergs, harbor seals, and sometimes bears walking along the shore line. Holgate Arm is also a beautiful location to explore on your expedition.


Day 3-8

We will typically spend 2-3 days in Aialik Bay before rounding the cape to Harris Bay and Northwestern Fjord to explore for another 2-3 days. (Weather and Paddle conditions permitting) Be prepared for weather days!

There are many camping options in Aialik Bay. Most trips will depart Aialik Bay from Verdant Cove, where the decision will be made to make the cape crossing to Harris Bay through Granite Passage and into Northwestern Fjord.

Our goal is to make these trips as comfortable as we can. We do not offer dry suit rental, but do recommend that you rent one or bring your own, otherwise we do recommend high quality water proof (not water resistant) rain gear. For recommendations on where to rent dry suits, please ask us while inquiring about the trip! It's highly likely that at some point you will get damp or wet, even with a dry suit.

Who May Join:

Because of the dynamics of this trip we permit people to join this trip only after reviewing your back country skills and experience and then determining if this trip would be a reasonable option for you to join. We allow 5 people per guide. If your party is smaller than 5, you may choose to purchase a private trip. Please inquire about private trip pricing with us if this interests you! Otherwise, we are free to add people on to your trip at our discretion. If your party is larger than 5, we will schedule an additional guide to accommodate.

Difficulty Rating: 

Ranging from difficult to strenuous depending on conditions encountered

Type of Kayaks:

Expedition Tandem Kayaks (Northwestern Fiberglass) 


4 season

Sleeping Bags:

synthetic 0 degree w/liner provided


We have many options/types for your choice

           Adventure Sixty North provides guides, fiber glass tandem kayaks, boots, poggies, 4 season tents, zero-degree synthetic sleeping bags & ground pads, cooking gear, and food. All of our expedition trip guides will have first aid kit, satellite phone, In-reach satellite texting device, and VHF Marine radio.

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