Helicopter into Bear Glacier
Rainy day in Bear Glacier
View of Bear Glacier
Kayaking in Bear Glacier
Beautiful day kayaking in Bear Glaci

Bear Glacier Helicopter - Kayaking

Half Day Adventures

​Bear Glacier is a kayaking trip in a fresh water glacial lagoon filled with larger-than-life icebergs beginning with a flight over pristine, untouched   Alaska - providing a truly "off-the-grid" adventure! Bear Glacier is the largest glacier within the Kenai Fjords National Park and as it is ever-changing, never disappointing.

Transport by Helicopter provides more paddle time, is more reliable, comfortable and the views cannot be matched! Our company has been successfully guiding in Bear Glacier for longer than any other outfitter in Seward, Alaska.

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Bear Glacier

Heli - Kayak where the Icebergs are!

Half Day Info

Rated: Easy

Trip Length: Half day,

3-4 hours

Check-in : Returns

7:10 am - 1:00 pm

11:10 am* - 5:00 pm

*times may vary depending on Helicopter availability

Minimum Age: 12 years

Early Bird Special:

NOW $675 ea. + tax

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Regular: $699 ea. + tax

2 person minimum

 Half Day Description

Experience the best of air, land and sea! This is the ultimate Alaskan experience. Break away from the crowds and access this untouched Alaskan gem. Begin with a scenic ride over the mountains and glaciers by helicopter followed by exploration of a land-bound freshwater lagoon filled with monumental icebergs by kayak! One of the longest and largest glaciers off the Harding Ice Field Bear Glacier is a unique destination in Kenai Fjords National Park and will surely take your breath away. Simply stunning, rain or shine!

Keep an eye out for seals sunning on ice sheets and bears browsing for berries. Routes vary depending on the current ice conditions in the lagoon. Bear Glacier is an extremely dynamic environment and each trip is a unique experience. This is as wild as Alaska gets!

We drive you a short distance to our airport to meet your helicopter and helicopter pilot. From there, we fly over Resurrection Bay and up over the Kenai Mountains. We look for bears, mountain goats, and take in the amazing scenery. The helicopter flight is about 15 minutes each way. Once we descend into the beautiful and dynamic Bear Glacier area we land at our base camp located deep in the lagoon. Bear Glacier is visible most of the time from our landing site and camp. Kayaks will be waiting for your arrival.  We paddle around the icebergs and get a closer look at Bear Glacier until it is time for the helicopter to come pick us up.

What's Included?

  • Scenic Helicopter flight

  • Hot drinks

  • Snacks

  • Dry bag

  • Rain Boots

  • Rain Jacket & Pants

  • Kayaking gear!

What should I bring?

  • Layer up!

  • Water-resistant/ water proof shoes & warm socks

  • ​Active Wear made of synthetic & water-wicking materials​

  • Fleece Jacket

  • Rain Jacket & Pants if you have your own

  • Please, no cotton or denim 

  • Your Camera!


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