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Aialik Bay Glacier Multi-day Kayak Camping Trips 2023

 Multi-day Kayak Camping Trips Are Family Friendly! 

Fully Guided and Outfitted & Guide Assisted Options

June 2 thru August 27 

Early Bird Special! $100 Off listed price

We offer:

3 Day 2 night trips

4 Day 3 night trips

5 Day 4 night trips


Additional Days available if we have availability!

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Explore the Fjords!

Aialik Multi-Day Kayak Camping Trips are specialized small group trips limited to 6 persons or less per guide for our multi-day trips unless a group requests a larger capacity. We don't base camp unless conditions prevent us from moving or we have been asked to do that option. We do not offer

a 2 night 1 night option due to the feedback we have received from our guests in the past that the 2 days which are short excursions at best do not permit a relaxed and comfortable kayaking and exploring experience. Our experience has shown us that the 3 day or 4 day trips are just right. If you are looking for a 2 day 1 night trip, we believe that our Bear Glacier Overnight would be a great option.


Each trip plan is based off of the overall experience and expectations of the group. Our mutli-day trips are set up to paddle from camping beach to camping beach and explore the fjord thus providing much more opportunity to learn and experience what the Kenai Fjords National Park has to offer. We sometimes do have families that choose to stay in the National Park Cabins that are located in the Aialik Bay area and experience the wilderness area in a basic cabin. These cabins are few and book up early, so should you decide to do this option you must book the cabin yourself because commercial operators are forbidden to book the cabins for commercial use. These trips are great family adventures! Ask about group rates!


We supply what you need including, boots, poggies for your hands comfort, 4 season tents, and more. No need to rent sleeping bags pads for our fully guided trips! Others often do! We do supply Fully Guided and Outfitted trips with sleeping bags and pads.

Aialik Bay offers one of the most exciting wildlife and glacier viewing kayaking and wilderness camping opportunities that you can do while visiting this part of Alaska. Located in the heart of our Kenai Fjords National Park and home to some very impressive glaciers, wildlife and abundant sea life we feel that you will be inspired as well as enlightened. 

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Early Bird Special! Limited Time Only!

$100 Off listed price

 Early Bird Special!  Book early and save, these trips book up early!

2023 prices coming soon, we will honor the below listed until 2023 prices are updated.

June 2 thru August 27

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Trip Description: Fully Guided and Outfitted

A pre-trip meeting at 7pm is required a day before we depart in which you will sort gear and discuss a float plan with your guide. The next day you will meet at 7am at our shop to catch your 8am water taxi. Your water taxi heads south into the Gulf of Alaska following the rugged Kenai Fjords coast. Along the 2hr boat ride to your drop off there will be ample sightseeing, during which we provide breakfast and hot beverages. 

Once to our destination beach we'll start our adventure by stretching our legs, stowing our camping gear/food while discussing the trips paddle itinerary. Depending on energy levels you may head out for an evening paddle to become accustomed to your boats and gear.


Acoording to conditions/group dynamics your guide will create a float plan for your adventure in Aialik Bay. There are two tidewater glaciers for viewing in Aialik Bay - Aialik Glacier & Holgate Glacier. There is also a a piedmont glacier, Pederson Glacier, that calves into its own freshwater lagoon accessable at the proper tide. Entry into the lagoon is made by entering the river as it reverses flow, and we should point out that Pederson Glacier is not always an option while doing the 2 day/1 night trip if tides are very early or very late in the day. Not to worry! Aialik is a big place with many astouding features that are sure to impress. Your experienced guide will surely fill your adventure to brim, providing interpretation of all the sights you encounter along the way.


Please note! Aialik Bay is one of the most popular trips for groups and kayaking companies. This area will be one of the most trafficked kayaking destinations in the Kenai Fjords National Park - expect to see other paddlers.



Main meals, hot drinks, snacks, water taxi transports, pre-trip meeting, guide with first-aid kit, satellite phone, marine radio, charts, camping gear (tents, cooking & eating gear) sleeping bags w/liners, pad, kayaks, kayaking gear, dry bags, poggies, boots, pick up and drop off from lodging in Seward before and after your trip, and an unlimited supply of fun! 

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Guide Assisted Options for those just needing a guide & kayaking gear. 
Please read the description of what a guide assisted option includes, excludes and requires!
Call to book, these trips book up early!

2023 prices coming soon, we will honor the below listed until 2023 prices are updated.
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Trip Description: Guide Assisted Option

Minimum of 4 persons total in a group needed including fully guided and guided rental to book this trip!

We mix fully guided and  assisted folks to meet the 4 person minimum if possible.

If you are experienced with back country camping and have your own outdoor gear, including tent, pad, sleeping bag, rain boots, rain gear, cooking gear and food - water and need a guide to assist you with local knowledge, interpretation, and safety this option might be for you. We normally do not base camp on our trips and as part of the trip and you will be required to follow the paddle plan that is determined at your Mandatory  pre trip meeting the day prior to departure at 7pm. We supply kayaks with basic kayaking gear, guide with 1st aid gear, satellite phone for emergency use only , water taxi transport and you supply recommended (4 seasocn tent , synthetic non cotton clothing, water bladder - filter, small back pack stove, 0 degree sleeping bag (synthetic & stuff-able in a water proof sack, ground pad (to roll up to minimal size), dry bags 10 liter size, and great rain gear. No bulky gear...compactable only.... we do rent gear if needed. Your guide will review your gear to insure that it is compatible and can fit.

Space for packing your gear is very limited in your kayak, pack light,

oversize items just will not allow for all of your gear to fit inside your kayak.