Ice Key Hole in Bear Glacier
McMullen Beach In Ailallik
Winter in Bear Glacier
Huge Ice Bergs!
Nice Day In Bear Glacier
Key Hole in Resurrection Bay
Snow in Bear Glacier
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Helicopter sightseeing as you travel to this amazing glacier area then kayak with our  5hr, 8hr kayaking adventures 

We now are doing 10hr day with glacier ice hiking with guided kayaking! 
This is a strenuous full day, participants must travel over and up newly glaciated rugged terrains!
Crampons, Helmets, Ice Axes,Kayaking, Ice bergs with Helicopter flight-seeing! What more can we offer?

Helicopter Flightseeing and Kayaking near the Largest Glacier and among the Largest Ice Bergs on
one trip, Its the best trip that we know of in this part of Alaska!
For Overnight & Multi Day Adventures (more information)

Best adventurous trip in the Kenai Fjords National Park

Bear Glacier Lake
4-5 Hr. Bear Glacier  Adventure
Guided kayaking & flight-seeing near icebergs! 
       $550.00 ea + 3% 
 Book before May 1st ($499.00 ea + tax)
( 2 person min. for a trip)
Note! Our price includes , heli transport, snacks, guide
 & small group size!

Morning Trip (8am - 12:30pm) 
Afternoon Trip (12:30pm - 5:00pm)

view of glacier from lake
Photographers dream! Bear Glacier Lake is the result of Bear Glacier retreating from the terminal moraine which actually was the beach at the ocean. This area is home to some of the largest Black Bears, Goats, harbor seals, wolves, wolverine, and a multitude of other wildlife. The area is home to many of the wildflowers and is home to many of Alaska's berries. This lake are is generally cooler than that of Seward and we encourage everyone that visits Bear Glacier to prepare for a cooler, some times wet experience.  
Adventure Sixty North accesses Bear Glacier area in R44 4 person helicopters. Enjoy amazing flightseeing while you fly along the coast and into to the remote glacier area. Our flights view the Harding Ice field, the coastal range and more.
Wildlife viewing is unequalled as you fly and land throughout the rugged area.
Comments from our guests never cease to amaze us, such as Amazing, I have never seen anything like this, This would certainly be one of the 10 wonders, how will I ever explain what I have seen today? Will anyone believe me or even understand, and the always present " Pictures just don't do it justice"
We hope that you also will judge for yourself and also leave amazed by the grandness of it all.
portage at the false river and glacier lake
8 Hr. Bear Glacier  Adventure
Guided kayaking & flightseeing near icebergs
$675.00 ea. + tax
Book by May 1st ( $625.00 ea + tax)
              2 person min for trips                   
Our price includes ,heli transport, snacks, lunch, guide with kayaks and gear, great kayaking & small group size!
Full Day Trip  8am - 4:00pm

This trip allows for more Kayaking than the 4-5 hr trip allows as you paddle among the largest ice bergs with enjoying a lunch at the base of the glacier on the east side where you can view the crevasses and huge ice while you enjoy a lunch and hot drink!

Enjoy sightseeing as you travel to the Bear Glacier area. Paddle from our cache located on the ice filled lake, and listen to the ice crystals releasing compressed air that was trapped as the ice compressed due to the weight of snow over time. View the intense blue colored ice bergs as they float in the lake, and watch as they sometimes roll due to the melting that occurs. Enjoy viewing the harbor seals that are always present as we paddle through the glacial lake. Bear Glacier is simply one of the most dynamic and interesting areas in the Kenai Fjords National Park. We lunch near the glacier depending on the weather at the time. 
Adventure Sixty North provides gloves and boots for your comfort while participating in this adventure. Lunch, snacks, hot drinks, water provided are also provided.
"I'm sure there's a lot of good kayaking to be done from Seward, but I can't imagine a better experience than the trip to Bear Glacier my wife and I took with Adventure60. If we ever return to Seward, we've agreed to do the same trip again! "
(Comments from one of our guests)
A Tripsadvisor review!
Ice Key Hole in Bear Glacier
Abundant fauna
Bear Glacier is the most amazing glacial area of the 
Kenai Fjords National Park!
The most scenic experience in the Kenai Fjords!
  • wildlife viewing
  • unmatched flight seeing opportunities
  • very flexible schedules for your convenience
More shapes
More shapes in ice
Breaking out gear
Bear Glacier Helicopter / Kayaking / Day Trip Descriptions 
Ice Hiking in Bear Glacier! 
Yes, you get on the Glacier
Kayak among the largest ice bergs in the Kenai Fjords National Park.
10 Hr. Bear Glacier  Kayaking & Ice Hiking
Guided kayaking & flightseeing near icebergs
 $814.00 ea. + tax
Book by May 1st (759.00  ea.+ tax)
This trip is a stenuous 10hr day flightseeing, kayaking, and hiking on newly uncovered glacier terrain, and also on ice at Bear Glacier. We will want to discuss the difficulty level for this trip. This trip is Definitely not just a walk in the park and is not for everyone.
( 2 person min. for a trip)
Helicopter/Kayaking/Ice Hiking Trip 8:00am - 5:30pm 

Our trip includes helicopter tour, Kayaking trip, Ice hiking trip on Bear Glacier the largest glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park

We have the most amazing days in Bear Glacier at the    largest glacier in the         Kenai Fjords National Park!

This is the easiest water to paddle on a day to day basis than at any other location in the Kenai Fjords where you see huge ice bergs, the largest glacier, and more....!
Normally we have flat calm waters!
Best Trip in the Kenai Fjords 
National Park